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BWC80RA Basic Business Grammar Self-study (with record keeping and assessment)

The Basic Business Grammar Self-study course contains an overview of all of the areas of English usage important to business writers. In this special version of the self-study course, the Business Writing Center keeps a record of the lessons you have finished. We can then report your completion to a supervisor. However, because the course has no instructor contact, you cannot receive a graduation certificate.

The course begins with a pre-test to show you how much you know about business grammar at the start of the course. It ends with a post-test to show you how much you have learned. Students normally start with pre-test scores of 30% to 50% and end the course with post-test scores of 85% to 95%.

Each lesson also has a pre-test and post-test to show you that you have learned the skills. The tests are scored immediately so you can see how you did.

In this version of the course, the instructor will provide records of your progress to an administrator, including all test scores and the post-test that will assess your competence in the skills taught in the course. At the end of the course, the instructor will evaluate your scores to see whether you should review any skills taught in the course.

A version of the Basic Business Grammar Self-study course is available in which the Business Writing Center will record your completion of lessons and notify you or a manager that you have submitted the forms showing that you have completed the lessons. In that version, the Business Writing Center does not provide progress reports with all of the quiz scores and does not evaluate competence at the end of the course. That course is BWC80R.

Because the self-study courses have no instructor contact, you will not receive a graduation certificate. If you want instructor contact and a graduation certificate, you should enroll in BWC85 Basic Grammar Essentials..

Volume discounts are available for BWC80RA.

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