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BWC21 Business Writing Skills Self-study (with no instructor)

The Business Writing Skills self-study course will teach you how to write clear, professional letters, e-mails, memos, and reports. The course materials contain easy-to-understand explanations and a large number of examples so you can learn the skills on your own. It is divided into lessons, like a college course. You have access to the course materials for as long as you want to use them.

The Business Writing Center does not track progress through this version of the self-study course. A variety of the BWC21 self-study course is available in which the Business Writing Center records your completion of lessons. It is BWC21R. If you need certification that you have completed the course, enroll in BWC21R, and the Business Writing Center will notify you or a manager that you have completed all of the lessons.

Because the self-study courses have no instructor contact, you will not receive a graduation certificate. If you want instructor contact and a graduation certificate, you should enroll in BWC210.

Volume discounts are available for multiple enrollments at the same time.

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Writing Clear Business Email (video self-study course)
The Writing Clear Business Email is a video self-study course taught by Robert Craig Hogan, PhD, director of the Business Writing Center. You can watch the trailer for the video at this link: . You go through the course at your own pace, watching the videos and answering questions. There is no instructor access or graduation certificate for the course.
BWC 625 Customized Business Writing Skills Course

In the Customized Business Writing Skills course, your instructor will identify your training needs and develop a course to satisfy the needs. Most often, the course will be oriented toward training you to write a specialized document. The instructor will analyze the structure and requirements of the documents you want training for, write the syllabus based on the analysis of the document, and draw training from the Business Writing Center's 45 courses that will teach the skills you need. The syllabus can be approved by your supervisor before the training begins. The Business Writing Center will also work with a human resources or training department to develop the course for training employees.

This customized course uses existing lessons taken from Business Writing Center courses. The Business Writing Center will not be writing new materials for this course.

You may also have the Business Writing Center create a course with new materials that fits your company's training needs and uses your company's documents as examples. To have the Business Writing Center develop a course for which we must write new materials to fit your needs, we must correspond or talk with you about the course and give you a bid for the development.

After the Center develops the training for the first trainee, it is available to other employees in the company for a tuition of $295 per trainee.

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