BWC80R Basic Business Grammar self-study course with recording progress

Regular tuition $89.00


The Basic Business Grammar Self-study course contains an overview of all of the areas of English usage important to business writers. In this special version of the self-study course, the Business Writing Center keeps a record of the lessons you have finished. We can then report your completion to a supervisor. However, because the course has no instructor contact, you cannot receive a graduation certificate. The course begins with a pre-test to show you how much you know about business grammar at the start of the course. It ends with a post-test to show you how much you have learned. Students normally start with pre-test scores of 30% to 50% and end the course with post-test scores of 85% to 95%.

Each lesson also has a pre-test and post-test to show you that you have learned the skills. The tests are scored immediately so you can see how you did.

Because the self-study courses have no instructor contact, you will not receive a graduation certificate. If you want instructor contact and a graduation certificate, you should enroll in BWC85 Basic Grammar Essentials.

Volume discounts are available for BWC80R.

Course Content
Course Pre-test

Lesson 1: Proofreading Principles
Lesson 2: Using Active Voice

Practice Diagnostic TestLesson 3: Omissions, Additions, Typos
Lesson 4: Number Accuracy
Lesson 5: Transposition Errors
Session 1 Optional Practice
Session 1 Diagnostic Test
Lesson 6: Abbreviations
Lesson 7: Word Division
Lesson 8: Number Expression
Lesson 9: Capitalization
Session 2 Diagnostic TestLesson 10: Commas
Lesson 11: Other Punctuation
Lesson 12: Special Punctuation
Lesson 13: Spelling
Lesson 14: Confusing Words
Session 3 Diagnostic TestLesson 15: Subject/Verb Agreement
Lesson 16: Pronoun Agreement
Lesson 17: Using Defined Terms Consistently
Lesson 18: Citing Sources
Session 4 Diagnostic Test


Course Post-test