BWC100 Basic Grammar for Business

Regular tuition $295.00

The Basic Grammar for Business course is for people who have a good command of the English language, but would like to have an in-depth knowledge of grammar. The course is an in-depth survey, meaning that it covers all of the major rules of grammar and usage in depth. You will go through a large part of a grammar textbook during the course.

As with the other Business Writing Center courses, the course has lessons like a college course. It is self-pacing, so you decide when to work. Your instructor will coach you through learning any skills you haven't mastered.

You will purchase a grammar textbook from

Course Time

You will go through the course at your own pace, so you could complete it within a few weeks. However, you have up to four months to complete the course so you can fit the study time into your schedule. All lessons must be finished within the four-month period.

Course Content

List of usage areas covered in the Basic Grammar for Business course:

Developing clear, correct sentences 

  • Writing subjects and verbs correctly
  • Avoiding dangling and misplaced modifiers
  • Using adverbs correctly
  • Using modifiers correctly
  • Avoiding passive voice

Using punctuation correctly 

  • Using apostrophes correctly
  • Using semicolons correctly
  • Using periods after polite questions
  • Using dashes correctly
  • Using quotation marks correctly
  • Using colons correctly
  • Avoiding comma overuse
  • Commas with who and which
  • Commas in a series
  • Commas with parenthetical elements
  • Commas with introductory elements
  • Commas with dates
  • Commas with coordinating conjunctions
  • Commas with conjunctive Adverbs
  • Commas with conjunctions
  • Commas with restrictive and non-restrictive clauses
  • Commas with appositives

Using other usage skills correctly 

  • Capitalizing correctly
  • Using numbers correctly
  • Keep constructions parallel
  • Using "who" and "whom" correctly

Proofreading effectively

  • Proofreading principles
  • Proofreading techniques