BWC110 Basic Grammar Skills Tutorial and BWC95 Business Writing Essentials taken together

Regular tuition $500.00

The combination of the Basic Grammar Skills Tutorial and Business Writing Essentials provides the ideal combination of grammar training with writing training. The difference between this combination and the combination of the Basic Grammar Skills Tutorial with the Business Writing Skills course is that the Business Writing Skills course has 12 more activities, some more lessons, and an additional competency writing examination with instructor coaching on improving the document.

BWC110 Basic Grammar Skills Tutorial

The Basic Grammar Skills Tutorial course is for people who have problems in grammar, punctuation, spelling, word usage, or sentence structure. The course will help you learn new patterns to replace the old by using your own sentences as examples. The teaching, practice, and tests are based on your own writing as much as possible. It is highly individualized. The instructor carefully evaluates writing samples and prescribes study and practice based on your unique needs. You work on only the specific skills you need to learn, at your own pace. You have unlimited access to the instructor to ask questions.

You may purchase the grammar textbook we use from a bookseller such as However, the textbook is not required for the course. You will use online training materials to learn the skills.

BWC95 Business Writing Essentials

The course contains the essential training provided in BWC210 Business Writing Skills, but with no practice activities, fewer lessons, and one less writing examination for instructor feedback and coaching. The course teaches the essential best practices business people must know to be able to write clear, effective, professional business documents, including e-mail, memos, letters, and reports. It teaches a structured approach to writing that makes writing easier and guides readers through the content. Graduates report that they receive high praise for their writing, and other employees begin to copy their style.

The instructor evaluates three writing examinations. As with all other Business Writing Center courses, you have unlimited access to the instructor to ask questions during the course. The instructor evaluates the competency examinations and coaches you through learning skills.