BWC85 Basic Grammar Essentials

Regular tuition $125.00

The Basic Grammar Essentials course contains an overview of all of the areas of English usage important to business writers. The course begins with a pre-test to show you how much you know about business grammar at the start of the course. It ends with a post-test to show you how much you have learned. Students normally start with pre-test scores of 30% to 50% and end the course with post-test scores of 85% to 95%.

Each lesson also has a pre-test and post-test to show you that you have learned the skills. The tests are scored immediately so you can see how you did. Your instructor receives a copy of the test to look over and see whether you need any coaching.

For an in-depth grammar survey course with readings from a grammar textbook and pre- and post-tests, enroll in BWC100 Basic Grammar for Business. For a tutorial in which you work with an instructor who identifies the errors you're making in your writing, teaches you the skills to eliminate the errors, and coaches you through learning the skills, enroll in BWC110 Basic Grammar Skills Tutorial.

If you take BWC85 Basic Grammar Essentials with BWC95 Business Writing Essentials, you will have writing training along with the grammar training. The tuition is reduced to $225 for both. Click here to go to the page describing the registration for both BWC85 and BWC95.

Course Time

You will go through the course at your own pace, so you could complete it within a few weeks. However, you have up to two months to complete the course so you can fit the study time into your schedule. If you take BWC95 and BWC85 together, you have a total of four months to complete the two courses.

Course Content

Course Pre-test

Lesson 1: Proofreading Principles
Lesson 2: Using Active Voice

Practice Diagnostic TestLesson 3: Omissions, Additions, Typos
Lesson 4: Number Accuracy
Lesson 5: Transposition Errors
Session 1 Optional Practice
Session 1 Diagnostic Test
Lesson 6: Abbreviations
Lesson 7: Word Division
Lesson 8: Number Expression
Lesson 9: Capitalization
Session 2 Diagnostic TestLesson 10: Commas
Lesson 11: Other Punctuation
Lesson 12: Special Punctuation
Lesson 13: Spelling
Lesson 14: Confusing Words
Session 3 Diagnostic TestLesson 15: Subject/Verb Agreement
Lesson 16: Pronoun Agreement
Lesson 17: Using Defined Terms Consistently
Lesson 18: Citing Sources
Session 4 Diagnostic Test


Course Post-test